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I would like to celebrate my upcoming move by sharing my favorite moving story with you…

In my last couple of years in Rochester, NY I spent a considerable amount of time praying for God’s direction. I knew my husband would be finishing his degree and we would be moving (or not moving?)…somewhere. It was a time of spiritual awakening in my life and I was filled with passion for the Lord. I desperately wanted us to be wherever HE wanted us to be.

Gradually bits of information started coming in…my husband got ideas about which supervisors he’d be interested in working with for his grad work…he was accepted at this university…due to a bizarre turn of events he was not accepted at this university…

Eventually the picture started coming together and it looked something like this:

My husband had visited the university and all seemed to be going well. Then I went to visit the Mississauga campus with him so I could check it out and we could see what the housing possibilities were like. When we arrived back home he said he’d made his decision, but before we made it official he wanted to know what I thought.


What did I think? I suddenly forgot all the little things that had led me to believe this was the place. I prayed and asked God to show me once again if this was really where he intended for us to go.

Throughout the rest of the day things started coming back to me and I remembered why I’d felt so inclined toward that location. I was feeling pretty good about it, but I was still waiting for a final affirmation.

And then it happened…somewhere around 9 o’clock that evening I suddenly knew there was an email in my inbox from my horn teacher with horn connections for me in Toronto, and that was my final confirmation that we were supposed to go there. I suppose you could say it wasn’t completely spontaneous – I had emailed him a few weeks prior to that. But I knew that night the email was there waiting for me. I had my husband check my email and sure enough, there it was.

I was ecstatic. I later found out that my church had been praying for us and the decision-making process at about the time the revelation came. I think God moments like that are so cool!

Acts 17:26 says that “[God has] determined the times set for [us] and the exact places where [we] should live.” It’s because of this experience that I have confidence in this truth.

Our move to Buffalo, NY didn’t involve any profound revelations, nor does our upcoming move to Australia. Nonetheless I am confident of God’s direction in both of these circumstances. I’m thankful that I can look back on my time in Mississauga and my time in Buffalo (not to mention the other places I’ve lived) and see that I was indeed right where I belonged. I truly believe that if I follow where he leads that that is the place I will be most blessed. Here’s to the continuing adventure!

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