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OK, so it’s been more than a week. But here I am, and with much to be thankful for!

Today I’m praising God for a new job – yes, a new job! I start on Monday. I’ve had a great part-time job for a few months now, but it was really only meant to be temporary and I’m getting excited about what God will bring with new opportunities. I’m also thankful for my current job. My colleagues and supervisor have been truly awesome. I’m thankful that the saddest part of leaving every job I’ve had has been leaving the people. If you’ve ever worked with me you can know that you are missed…*group hug*…okay…moving on…

As I type this I am oh so thankful for the sound of the rain pouring down on the roof. It makes a pinging sound as it hits the coverings for the vents in the bathrooms. It’s sort of coming and going, but we’ve definitely been getting more of it during the past month which is a welcome change.

I’m not sure how tangible this might seem to others but I’m also feeling really blessed by God’s presence with me in the last week or so. Provision and answers to prayer – even for the little things – and really good time spent reading the Bible alone and with friends. I’m still making my way through Genesis, but I’m relishing every moment. This morning it was Chapter 26 leaping off the page. I love, love, love the way the Bible lives and breathes and takes shape before my eyes. Perhaps I’ll get around to sharing more of this with you soon. 😉

I would also like to say a special praise to God for friends who pray. Praying friends, you are awesome! I’m so thankful for you. Truly God has not made us to walk this earth alone.

If this is all just a little too enthusiastic for you please forgive my exuberance. It’s getting late and I’m sleepy and that’s just where my head is.

So how about you!? What are you thankful for today? How has God shown His greatness to you over the past couple of weeks? Are you reading anything exciting in your quiet time alone with Him?

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